Peugeot 307 307SW - 7 seaters

$ 25,000
二手車 2002 45,000 km 自動波


Original dealer annual maintenance and oil change. Low mileage less than 46,000km. Indoor parking all years long. Original owner. Small scratches in passenger side door and in above panel of driver rear wheel, otherwise car in good running condition. Inside lining needs some repair. All leather seats. Tires changed in 15 months ago but only had run low mileage.
North Point, Hong Kong


  • 廠牌:Peugeot
  • 型號:307 307SW - 7 seaters
  • 年份:2002
  • 波箱:自動波
  • 公里數:45,000 km
  • 引擎:1997cc
  • 外部顏色:綠色
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$ 25,000